Dressage riders, regularly rejected as snobby remainders of the past for their purported horse moving, don’t frequently get to be Internet sensations.

Spain’s Severo Jurado Lopez, in any case, won over Brazilian observers, quickly ruled Twitter and got yell outs on billboard.com and Gawker after he played out a Latin shake implanted routine to Santana’s Smooth, highlighting Rob Thomas.

“Give him the gold, make it genuine or else forget about it,” proclaimed People Magazine.

“I never needed a steed more than when I discovered you can show it to move to Smooth,” said one Twitter client.

The generally Brazilian group of onlookers present for the last free-form ride, the equine adaptation of a tumbling floor schedule, were on their feet cheering – and booed when judges put Lopez and steed Lorenzo in fifth place on Monday.

“I realized that Brazil, a place that comprehends music so well, may like it,” Lopez told Reuters. “I am cheerful for both, the adulation and the boos.”

Sandwiched between riders that picked for the most part established music, Lopez additionally finished his ride on a non-customary note by jogging down the focal point of the field to Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life.”

“I relate to Bon Jovi’s tune and Santana has my melodic style of the south, ready to achieve an exceptionally universal group,” Lopez said of his melodic choice.

Lopez, who is situated in Denmark, protected the arrangement of Olympic dressage rivalry, which requires all riders to play out a similar two specialized tests with outright accuracy.

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