Live text and radio as England’s Chris Woakes runs out Australia opener Cameron Bancroft after play resumes following rain in the inaugural day-night Ashes Test.

The 50 partnership came up from 98 balls, with six fours.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

Australia have played well and they’ve left the ball nicely. Khawaja has clearly come out with a different tactic against the off-spinner. I think if you win the toss and bowl, you want to be bowling the opposition out on the first day to make it count.

Usman Khawaja doesn’t know whether to stick or twist against Moeen Ali. He skews the first ball over the head of mid off and then almost sweeps straight to the close fielder a ball later.

Ah. Even I could hit that! A half-tracker from Moeen is duly slapped for four. And four more! Another poor delivery but it goes straight through James Vince at backward point. Through his hands and then through his legs. The pressure is released. When does Joe Root start getting that feeling of regret?

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

I don’t see enough of a difference in Craig Overton to what I saw in Jake Ball. It’s early days, but I can’t see what the difference is. When you make a call to change someone in your side after one game, for me you have to bring someone in who offers something different.

Warner 45, Khawaja 16

Craig Overton straightens his line but I am already fearing he is not quick enough to really trouble a batsman of David Warner’s class. His final two deliveries are 82mph.

The England fans are warming their voices up. “Everywhere we gooo.”

Shot! The danger of David Warner summed up in two deliveries. A drive through the covers and then a cut behind square. Both whistle off the bat to the rope.

This is exactly what England don’t want. Warner to find his rhythm.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

Seven of Khawaja’s nine dismissals against England have been against off-spin.

Warner 36, Khawaja 15

Right. Now Moeen Ali has four balls to bowl at Usman Khawaja. Can he thud one into those pads? Yes! Khawaja skips down the track but the ball hits pad not bat, cue big appeals from Bairstow behind the stumps. There’s not much interest from Moeen or the umpire. Khawaja was a long way down the wicket. I’ve not seen a replay but that was probably going over.

The big early news was that Joe Root won the toss and chose to bowl, a decision that has puzzled a few of you.

England’s bowlers started poorly and bowled far too short, but, in the first full over after a 90-minute rain break, Chris Woakes ran out Cameron Bancroft for 10 with a direct hit from mid-off.

David Warner, who sent Bancroft back after initially calling him through for a single, got a roar and a stare from Stuart Broad as a thank you.

Since then, David Warner and Usman Khawaja have mixed the occasional play-and-miss with strokes of authority to keep England’s bowlers at bay.

Warner 35, Khawaja 15

Hmmmmm. David Warner does seem to be getting a little frustrated. He goes for the uppercut over the slips to another delivery from Overton and fails to connect.

Geoffrey quips in the commentary box that Overton “isn’t quick enough” to bother him but the Somerset seamer responds well with two deliveries to Khawaja, one that squares him up and another that zips past the outside edge.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport in Adelaide

Things you don’t expect to see at the Adelaide Oval…

Warner 34, Khawaja 15

More tidy stuff from Moeen Ali as he continues to keep David Warner quiet. At the end of the over Moeen finally gets a chance to aim at the front pad of Khawaja but this time the batsman sees the ball out.

Andrew Samson

BBC Test Match Special statistician

Usman Khawaja averages 61 in Australia and 27 in the rest of the world.

Warner 33, Khawaja 15

“Caaaaatch”. A bit of excitement from England as Craig Overton gets a bouncer over head height for the first time and Usman Khawaja still gets out the hook shot. The left-hander is not in control and the ball spends plenty of time in the sky but falls wide of deep square leg and rolls away for four.

More hands on heads from England. You feel they need another breakthrough.

Geoffrey Boycott

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

That’s the Moeen we know. That was decent.

Warner 33, Khawaja 9

Here is Moeen Ali but he’s got David Warner to bowl at first rather than Khawaja. Not much turn but a bit of bounce from England’s spinner, with one delivery catching the shoulder of Warner’s bat.

A maiden to start from Moeen. Very good, accurate bowling. Warner looked to be getting a little twitchy there, eager to get the ball away.

Moeen Ali is still shadowing his off-spin in the field, desperate to get a bowl at Khawaja. For now it’s Overton with his back-of-a-length bowling and now Khawaja looks as if he knows what’s coming. He hangs back and just swats a pull shot for four.

The Somerset man is only bowling in the low to mid-80s mph. He will aim to up that as he gets into his spell.

Geoffrey Boycott

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

How does Warner not nick them?! If I’d have played a shot like that, I’d have been mortified.I’d have been bound to have nicked it. No feet, he just gave it a whack. Is he lucky, as well as good?

Broad 9-4-15-0

The Adelaide Oval crowd are quiet for now, engrossed in this battle between the improved England seamers and Warner in particular.

That’s 1-0 to Broad but just a moral victory. He floats one outside off stump and Australia’s vice-captain throws the kitchen sink at a drive and only connects with fresh air. Broad can’t quite believe it. He has his hands on his head, just like Alastair Cook at first slip.

Geoffrey Boycott

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

It’s been better bowling since the break, but we haven’t actually bowled anyone out. That’s a bit worrying. You can’t run out 10 players. You need to get somebody out with a nick or something.

Warner 33, Khawaja 5

The lanky Overton charges in and already finds more bounce than any of the three England bowlers before him. His second delivery gets up a little and beats the cross-batted waft of David Warner.

The Somerset man bangs another in short and Warner takes it on. Cries of “catch” from behind the wicket but it falls comfortably wide of Moeen Ali at deep square leg.

Decent start from Overton.

Here’s a big moment for young Craig Overton. He’s about to get his first bowl in Test cricket.

England’s last bowling debutant, Toby Roland-Jones, took four wickets in his first 33 balls. More of the same please.

Alison Mitchell

BBC Test Match Special

It just feels as if the bowling, particularly from Broad, has some more intent about it.

Warner 32, Khawaja 5

Stuart Broad is definitely making a big effort to get the ball full and that means wickets are more likely but so are runs. David Warner, again on the front foot, drives through mid-off but the ball is just chased down inside the rope.

Just as I point out Broad’s full length, he bounces one in short to Khawaja, who doesn’t quite get a hold of it. He takes a couple off the bottom edge to fine leg to bring up the Aussie 50.

Brydon Coverdale


If Bancroft’s head was a bit lighter he might have had a faster turning time #Ashes

Moeen is indeed swinging his arms to get loose in the covers but with Warner on strike Joe Root is going to hold his spinner back. Remember Moeen dismissed Khawaja at Brisbane and the Aussie number three has a shocking record against off-spin.

Anderson starts the over with a delivery on a good length but Warner pushes him for a couple. That causes Jimmy to drag his length back before going full again and Warner once again leaps on to the front foot and drives through the covers for four. He steals a single off the final ball too. Good batting.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport in Adelaide

Moeen getting loose. He could get an early go at Khawaja.

Simon Mann

BBC Test Match Special commentator

Moeen’s loosening up at mid-wicket. He has got two left-handers to bowl at.

Warner 22, Khawaja 3

This pitch has been a little odd so far. One minute it flies through but in this over Jonny Bairstow is taking a delivery near his shoe laces. Stuart Broad starts bowling over the wicket to Khawaja and, after finding no success, tries round the wicket onwith the final ball. Khawaja is happy to watch the ball go by.

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Warner 22, Khawaja 3

That’s the length, Jimmy.

Anderson draws David Warner forward and finds a bit of wobble and the pink ball beats the outside edge. Warner nicks a single but then Anderson repeats the trick to Usman Khawaja with another delivery that goes across the left-hander and beats the outside edge.

Michael Vaughan


Already better from England … More intent … better body language … #Ashes … #LoveIt

Warner 21, Khawaja 3

A push from Khawaja behind backward point gives him a couple more. The Aussie number three is a fan of day-night cricket. He scored a hundred against South Africa against the pink ball last year.

They’re showing pictures of the run-out on the TV. Stuart Broad gave a big roar in celebration towards David Warner as Cameron Bancroft failed to make his ground. England are pumped.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport in Adelaide

Steady view from the Cathedral End. Yes, there are people on top of the stand.

The rain delay means we have two lengthy sessions to come in the rest of the day’s play. Here are your revised times…

We’ll also have an early start tomorrow.

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Just woke up. First ball I witness we get a wicket! I could get used to this!

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